The Mile Pie Club

Hey there! Are you interested in fresh, handmade pies? Well look no further! We work with local farmers to harvest those seasonal fruits and veggies.  Then we add some culinary flair to create the most incredible SWEET or SAVORY pie your heart could desire.  You pick the tier and the style, and we do the rest.  You are welcome to switch between SWEET and SAVORY throughout your membership.  Memberships start in April and end in December. Spots fill up fast, so reserve yours today!


Monthly:  3 months – $75   6 months – $150

Biweekly:  3 months – $150   6 months – $300

Weekly:  3 months – $300   6 months – $600

Please send an e-mail to with your name, address, tier selection, allergies or dietary restrictions, and choice of sweet or savory to kick off your CSA.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Thank you!!!


3 thoughts on “The Mile Pie Club

  1. Hi thee!
    I read about you in the NYT last week
    Just made the pluff pie for tgiving
    Would you consider a mail order pie a month to my college daughter in NYC?
    Could you ship a pie a month to her for 6 months???
    Can’t wait to try the pie
    The batter is delicious!
    Cheers. Serena

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